My name is Tamara, I am a full time student, I work, and like to hang out with friends. I’ve lived in Calgary all my life with little travel. So I would love to get out of this place. I come from a family of four kids with me being the oldest, so I know about responsibility and family. Blood runs thicker than water, you know what I mean? I’ve never had much luck dating, so I decided to join this, why not right? Its the 21st century! I love to go out a catch a flick or even a concert. I also really enjoy staying in a playing computer games or reading a good book.

I think life is too short to spend all your time worried about what’s going to happen, you need to live a little and have fun. I believe strongly in Karma. I enjoy learning new things and meeting new people.

Interests: Graphic/Interior/Fashion design, Psychology, Anime, Drawing, Writing, Reading, Singing, YouTube, Gaming, Blogging.

Personal qualities:
+ Friendly, easy going, scenes of humour( Dark, naughty ext.), silly, loving, devoted

Obsessive, judgmental, over protective, workaholic, caring a little too much, Sensitive

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  • " You were born to be in love.. From the time you were young, you've been searching for your other half. You value romantic love above all else and will sacrifice security and sometimes even sanity to find it." - fb Quiz
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