Love comes in Acrylics.

March 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

I think I’ve figured out why “The Vow” hit me so hard. Why after watching it I was dumbfounded and emotionally messed up. First off, the leading character Paige, whom is played by Rachel McAdams reminds me of my former best friend Nicole Bracey. She was so exotic and daring to be able to  jump head first into a career that comes with no guarantee, to be confident enough to just peruse her dreams in that way. While watching the movie I really envisioned them as one person. So to see her slip back into whom she used to be, to move backwards instead of forward was devastating. The next was the ideals and perceptions I have of the artist life style. With no promise of steady income life seems like  of course it would come with extreme struggles, the bad times would be crushing, but oh when one imagines the good times, and the happy moments two people sharing that life style could have it’s so beautiful. It takes the honest hardships of life and blends it with the struggles of being an artist, and glamorizes it with the promise of undying unconditional love.  In this way the movie was good all on it’s own, but then  it also had the deeper emotional outcomes, for although she dose forget who she was and what happened to spark t he change to transform her into the daring and beautiful person she had become and the life she had created with her huncky husband, Leo Collins played by Channing Tatum. There is also all the contexts of what he dose to get her back and how she reacts. From the very beginning the idea of waking up one day and forgetting everything that makes you who you are is scary, but to someone single ( and hating it) even the idea of waking up to find out I am in love and forgot is better then being alone. Maybe that’s just me, and maybe I am completely crazy, but deep down the movie made me question what I am working towards in life, and if I’m doing everything that is really right for me!

It also was a great source of inspiration for the amazing things that can come from being the person you really are!

Sincerely, Tamara.

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