February 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

In the last year I’ve been feeling trapped, trapped by whom I have been and all   these dreams that will take longer than 5 months to complete. I hate waiting around and not accomplishing things. I don’t know where all the ants from, the ones that are, excuse the cliché,  in my pants. I think all my suffering is because I’ve been focusing too much on what I want and what I want to happen at the end of the road, instead of being really here. I need to focus more on the moment and what I already have done, and what I am slowly accomplishing and the beauty of enjoying every single moment. However, this is always something I’ve found incredibly hard. I think the main thing I need to start working on is inner focus. I need to find my centre and work from there.  I used to try and get yoga in at least once a month. I would truly like to get meditation and yoga in at least once a day. To have that kind of dedication to me of all things I feel would really bring me home. So as a belated new years resolution I am going to make yoga and mediation a constant goal. I hope to write soon,  and give some sort of update.

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