Si je pouvais avoir un souhait ..

August 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

When I imagine the life I would want for myself, it’s unfortunately very different from the one I’ve been given.  It’s upsetting to

imagine my life without becoming a parent. This is because throughout my childhood I  was very attached to my mother, and our relationship had the time  and possibility to strengthen and grow, because for my first seven years of  life I was an only child.  Those years are as fresh as they ever were and I imagine I will hold onto them forever. My mother played a large role in my life, because she has always held a large space in my heart. This to me is a special gift, one I was hoping so dearly to share with a child of my own, to have half of me and half of the man I love so very much, rapped up in one. To feel that same kind of connection with every tender moment shared with her. I truly believe that’s what life is all about. It’s the days that are shared,connected to another soul through our emotions and memories. What else can life offer other than love? What else in life could ever possibly mean more then pure moments of sunshine filled pleasure? Nothing in my mind. For one day people disappear; however, memories do not. Special little moments in time forever locked away, close to the heart of someone you loved.

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