January 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Two years later..

The dark emerald waves are hitting the side of the rock, crashing like lost ships being drawn in by an invisible siren’s song.  Disintegrating into thousands of little drop lits. As I watch I am consumed, I am one with the rhythmic chaos. I wish there were more moments like this, more things to consume me whole. There is nothing beyond this moment, this body of water, there is nothing more important then the waves smashing into the rocks. No one before and no one ever again. There is a sweet emptiness awaiting at the bottoms of those waves. A calm grave lurking beneath those deceiving ripples. I could simply sit here and waste away watching this serene battle. What the fight is wagging for I can’t be sure, but somehow I know the war is never won.  There is always a calm before the storm, but what is to be said for when the waves retreat. What happens when the water is simply still and there is no motion? What happens beneath the surface then?
All I know is I long to simply be. I want to sit in this water, feel it move and breath.
I no longer want to be apart of anything eles. I can live forever right here within the waves.

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