January 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

Do you remember the lessons and concepts you learned that impacted you so greatly?

I do. The first one was death. Suddenly this endless huge space has a limit and it’s not in a way you would ever expect. Suddenly there is just a big black hole at the end of your life time. A void. a place you can enter but never escape, and that feeling that accompanies “Death” the blank emptiness. I think  at that moment people turn to religion. “Well there has to be something else, right?” No. I don’t think so. Why can’t there just be nothing. What would be so wrong with nothing. If you don’t remember your dreams it’s almost the same thing. A deep sleep that you don’t even notice your in. You no longer feel, nor care for anything else for there is nothing else. It’s just a void.

The next one was when you realize people are just like you. That you think and feel, and so do they. You are no longer in a world of you. You’ve woken up to see the world as it is, filled with feeling, breathing, hurting people. Everyone has a story, everyone has memories, everyone has a broken heart. Yet somehow we manage to lose that conciseness..  We forget that were not alone. That man is a very simple being. That if you cut us we will bleed, if we lie, we like sex and hate commintment.

I  remember the day I realized people are of a nature to either hate or love and that you must choose one or never be happy.

I choose love.

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