Star Crossed les amateurs ..

January 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

In an ocean so deep, cold liquid filled lungs.We find as we sink, that when we reach the bottom we are still holding hands. I love you, was something you just don’t say and anyways we never could. For our mouths have no tongue and our words  reach no ears and those words hold our fears.


Day 2, nice and long. Plans fell throw. Oh well, I guess thats how life goes. I had a persistent headache that wouldn’t go away and I am pretty sure its because the weather is going to change. Who could have ever guessed that snow would fall in alarming amounts destroying any change of warmth in this freaking horrible place!! GAHH! Shakespeare was a revolutionary writer for his time. If I met him I am sure he would have a smoke in his mouth and tight pants on. No one who writes like that can’t be a little indie. Freaking hell I really want to leave Calgary, I want to be far from here. I would even go to the states.. maybe not The Antarctic or Russia.. I think its the snow I really want to run from. I want rain. I wish weather would barter with me.  I hope I have something interesting to share with you tomorrow.. (but somehow I highly doubt that).

>> OMG New Trains. So my city spends a lot of money on our transit and the inside of our new trains are cool!(

P.S. Happy Birthday Sherlock Holmes!!

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